Where is the HDD Harddisk used

Hard Disk Also called hard drive. It is a magnetic storage medium for computers. Hard disks are flat, round plates made of aluminum or glass and covered with a magnetic material. For personal computers, hard disks can store up to terabytes (trillion bytes) of data. It plays a role in storing computer information. HDD storage capacity varies by Gb. Connected with IDE and Sata cable.

Data is stored in on-screen centered paths. The numbers are read by detecting a small dot (1 or 0), called a magnetic head, by tiny dots on a rotating disk that detects the magnetic field of the dots. A computer’s hard drive is made up of multiple hard disks; Read / write headlines; It is a device with a disk motor and a few circuits to rotate the HDDs, all of which are attached to a metal box to protect the HDDs from dust.

In addition to referencing HDDs, The term hard disk is also used to refer to the entire internal storage of a computer. At the beginning of the 21st century. Some personal computers and laptops that use solid-state drives (SSDs) that rely on flash memory chips instead of hard disks to store data have been upgraded.