When you can not forget your computer passwords

When you start your computer, you will be prompted for a PC Username and an Administrator. For example, if you type MgMg in your username, the Administrator name will be the same as Mg Mg. Restart your computer if you forgot it because you provided passwords on MgMg. Once down, press and hold the F8 restart key. Press and hold to press. Scroll down with the Arrow Key and quickly type in the Safe Mode screen until you reach the Safe Mode screen.

For a while, the computer was trying to find the administrator and username (MgMg) on ​​the Safe Mode screen, and the username (Mg Mg) was forgotten. Make sure the MgMg bag is in Safe Mode. Click the UserAccounts icon in Start> Control Panel. A User Account (box) will appear. You can click on the “Choose an account to switch to” option in the “Mg Mg” message box.

At this point, select “Change password” and create a new password. Do not try to think of a password that you can not think of before. If you do not want to leave it as is, click the Change Password button. Restart your computer as usual. If you are asked for a password on the key, you can ask for a password, and if you do not ask for one, do the same.