A blue screen that is common to most computer users

Most computer users are sure to experience a large blue screen with white text that appears and shuts down while using a computer. When a blue screen with captions appears, Windows will automatically shut down and resume running after a few seconds.

When Windows comes back up, if you are running Windows 10, you will see a big screen with a big blue screen called Advance Boot Options, and on other windows, you will see a big screen with white text called Safe Mode.

International computer scientists define the process as “Blue Screen Of Seath-BSOD”. Simply put, it is a blue screen of death. This process is caused by a random memory (RAM) while the computer is running Windows and other software on the computer, causing the data on the physical memory on the circuit board to collapse, causing a physical memory crash.

While a computer is running, it should be aware that there are two types of memory. These are simple physical memory and virtual memory. Physical memory is something that works with a memory stick called a RAM module installed in a computer. Virtual memory is a set of specific partitions on a hard disk drive that is familiar to most computer users, such as the temporary memory space on a free space on Local Disk C: or Local Disk D:

Virtual memory is called virtual memory because it leases space on the hard disk to store data as needed. There are many causes for this physical memory dump.