With just one phone you can create crazy photos

You already know that you can create crazy photos with just one phone. But there are steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. Basically Camera Setting, Composition, Modeling, and Editing. Now I want to tell you a few things you should know about the final step of editing on your phone.


When editing a photo, the first thing to do is crop it. When shooting a composition, you need to adjust the volume a little more or less. When cropping, the Rule of Third Grid will appear. Adjust the shooting model to be positioned (center, one-third, line). Level the water. Make sure buildings are not tilted. Roads are a good time to get around. Cropping is very important.

Correcting Color Casts

Be careful of colors. It is best to have two colors in a photo. At most 3 colors. (Not intentionally shot for color). Avoid getting too many colors unnecessarily. If this is not the case then maybe your account needs activating. And wet colors. I’m not sure what to do. Change movie colors, For example, light red instead of red (not pink); လိမ်း မော် နုနု၊ Try light blue rain. What you should study are matching colors. Learn about matching colors like green, blue, and orange.

Erasing Blemishes

Also called Noice. There was a passerby behind the model. Dogs, litter, cars, etc. on the beach are not nice to have people on their backs. If it does, let it go.

Boosting Contrast

Everyone knows contrast. You may have clicked on every photo. Make light and darkness clearer; Makes colors brighter. Do not overdo it. Make it happen. You can also reduce it and make it more beautiful. If the sharpness is not good and the light is not good, you can play Contrast to make the image beautiful. Now that you know the five basics, here are some cool photo editing apps.