Top 5 Activities of a basic Computer

Computers are often used in close contact. It’s interesting to think about how it simply works. Here are some basic things to know, especially for those who are new to computers, especially beginners. When a computer is running, there are five main functions. These are (1) Input Unit (2) Storage Unit (3) Operation Unit (4) Control Unit (5) Output Unit.

(1) Input Unit

This section contains the data that a computer needs to run and the instructions on how to operate it. To give an example compared to a human being, the human ear, It looks like an eye.

(2) Storage Unit

This section stores the data and programs imported by the input unit. It is similar to the human brain.

(3) Operation Unit

In this section, the stored data is calculated according to the programs. The concept is similar to that of the human brain.

(4) Control Unit

This section is Input; Storage Operation; It controls all four other units, including the output. An example is the human central nervous system.

(5) Output Unit

In this section, the computer computes the results of the calculations in a format that is commonly used by humans. The way he acts is the way a person responds to speech. I like the gestures.