How do you understand cookies

A cookie is a small piece of information stored on your device (mobile phone, computer) when you access a website or application. No one else can read a cookie owned by a particular website or application. Cookies are a very useful way for services to record information about user preferences and activities to enhance the user experience.

If you have all cookies disabled in your default browser, It may be difficult to sign in with CONNECT for the services you are using. Cookies are generally categorized according to their age and origin. Shelf life: Temporary cookies or session cookies are short-term cookies. These cookies are only used for a limited period of time while you are accessing your service. You will need to close them as soon as you close your browser (or you can delete them before you close them).

Long-lasting cookies are cookies that can remain on the machine for a specified period of time until they expire or are deleted. Source: First-party cookies come directly from the website you are accessing. Third-party cookies come from another source. For example, advertisements from third parties that you see when you visit a website.