Here are eight things to keep in mind when building a home

1. First, choose the type of home you want.

2. Think about what kind of room layout you want.

3. Decide what kind of bricks you want to use when building your house, for example, cement bricks or clay bricks or CLC.

4. Cement? Choose between Rhinoceros, Apache or Alpha

5. Does the building want a reinforced concrete (RCC) building?

Would you like to have a steel scaffolding (Ss)? Do you want a wood-framed (BNK) bench nozzle?

6. Are you still decorating the interior of your home?

For example, will the floor be tiled or will it be polished? Do you want to tile the interior walls? How many feet high? How many feet? Do you want to glue the floor under the window? Do you want to fully tile the ceiling? Chinese tile, Thai tile or Vietnamese tile? On the wall, 8 inches, 10 inches, 8 inches, 1 foot, 2 feet, 1 foot, 2 feet around.

7. Can the building be accessible to brick and mortar? If the soil is soft or hard, think about the depth of the foundation and the depth of the soil.

8. Is it near or far to build a house with sandstone? Is the price of building materials expensive or cheap? If the price is high, the price of PAE will also go up. And no matter how much money you spend (you can only afford one cart). If you want to throw a tiny ball into the lake with all the repercussions and make it erupt like the waves of the sea, you have to say, “That’s crazy, daughter.” If you are going to build a house worth 100 lakhs, keep 130 … 140 in your hand. And a strong contract (complete contract) with the landlord and contractor.

It’s impossible to get to know each other because you work online, so be careful not to overdo it. Online contractors are no longer able to hear when asking for a home’s house size and width and asking for a price. Multiply the length by the current construction pae. In fact, when building on the ground, the price may vary depending on the materials used by the homeowner. Even in Burma, houses built on the Ayeyarwaddy side are not the same as houses built on land in Aya Myay.