How to Take Care of Your Laptop Care

Laptops are becoming more and more popular in Myanmar for school / office use due to Covid 19 and other reasons. Laptops are becoming as popular in the living room as TVs in the online learning process, so care must be taken to keep laptops from being damaged. Here are some tips to keep your laptop durable and prevent damage.

(1) Keep laptops in a dry, clean, dust-free surface or on a table. This protects the laptop from dust and water vapor and provides good heat dissipation when used.

(2) Keep items clean on or around the laptop keyboard. Accidental uploading of phones, headphones, and books on a keyboard or touchpad can lead to electrical transmission problems between the keyboard and the touchpad, making the keyboard and touchpad unusable.

When closing the laptop display cover, hold it firmly and gently. When closing the lid, if the LCD side of the LCD is roughly closed with one hand, the LCD screen on the LCD side and the electrical conductors may be damaged. Drops of light on the LCD can be the result of a severe shutdown, as well as a cover between the keyboard and the LCD when something accidentally pops up.

(4) Turn on your laptop in hot, cold, and humid conditions. Avoid storage.Leaving a laptop in the hot sun၊ For example, in a car in the hot sun; Avoid storing in snowy areas. This is because laptop bags can withstand low temperatures and humidity to a reasonable degree.

5. Keep laptops away from laptops when they are placed near heavy objects with large magnetic fields, as they may damage the laptop.

6. Use a soft (old) toothbrush to gently remove dust and dirt by gently scrubbing the lining between the air vents on the bottom of the laptop and the keyboard buttons.

(7) Drinking water while using a laptop. Be careful not to drink too much water or too much wet food. Overtaking cups and spilling soft foods can seriously damage your laptop.

8. Keep your laptop away from children who play aggressively to prevent accidental damage.

9. When you turn off a laptop and turn it back on several days later: First, clean it. Second, put it in a flat, dry place. Third, open the laptop cover and charge it with an adapter for about an hour. Fourth, turn on the power switch when you are sure of it. It can seriously damage the power system and other components.

10. A laptop accidentally falls off. When released: First, check for physical damage to the LCD screen. Check for second power switch. If you can not turn it on, there is internal damage. Third, if you can turn it on, check for streaks and discoloration of the LCD on the LCD screen.

When water falls on a laptop, unplug it immediately. If the battery is easy to remove, remove it immediately. If not, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. If you wipe too hard, the keys on the keyboard will come off. If this does not work, take care of it and send it to a service provider. (Six) After doing so, if the system does not turn on and the system does not work, send it to the service. These are some of the internationally recognized laptop gurus.