Is Email and Gmail are the Same

The purpose of writing this article is to find a solution to my problem. Many people in Myanmar are very unfamiliar with technology. Especially in rural areas. Mobile phones have become popular lately. It is only with the advent of mobile phones that people have become interested in the Internet. From there, you can create Google Accounts. I also use Gmail and Gtalk. But they do not know what email is. When I say ’email’, to some it means ’email’; There are rumors that Gmail is the only one. That is why I am writing this article. It’s been written, but it’s been written for a long time. Here it is again. Help Myanmar by sharing this kind of article with your friends.

Email is an electric mail call. All mail used on the Internet is called Email. Email stands for [email protected].

Gmail is an email service provided by Google, also known as google webmail. Gmail is just a google account.

You can access all Google services with your Google account. For example, Gmail, Gtalk, Blogspot, Picasa, Youtube and many more. You can access any of the services provided by Google by accessing your known Gmail address or Google account. No need to create a new one. Google is often used as a username. If you have email, you have a google account, so you have [email protected] or google mail or Gmail.

The email symbol is the “@” sign. The “@” sign is called the At sign. So if you are asked if you have an email, do not assume that I have no email and only Gmail. If you have a google account, you have an email account called [email protected].