If your phone is overheating, clear it like this

Phone overheating is a dangerous situation. Using the phone If your phone suddenly gets hot while playing a game, you need to cool it down immediately. I would like to share some simple and easy ways for this.

(1) Close using apps

One of the most common causes of phone overheating is running multiple apps at the same time. Too many apps running on your phone can cause you to run out of RAM and processor. So close any apps that are running on your phone to prevent it from overheating due to overloading your phone.

(2) Stop charging battery

Open apps on your phone and leave it as it is. Unnecessary charging can also cause the phone to overheat. Using the phone while charging can also cause the phone to overheat immediately. The easiest way is to stop using your phone. Disconnect the charger. In other words, make sure you use a charger designed for your phone type.

(3) Remove the phone case or cover

If you can use the phone with the cover on, remove the phone from the case. This is because some phone covers can make it difficult to dissipate heat from the phone. You should also avoid placing your phone in direct sunlight.

(4) Turn Airplane Mode on or off

Airplane Mode is a feature designed to disable access to mobile data on board aircraft. When Airplane Mode is turned off, the phone will receive cellular data, It is disconnected from signal transmitters such as Bluetooth and WiFi Networks. This relaxes the phone processor and RAM.

(5) Keep away from other electronic devices and using

An overheating phone can be replaced with another phone. Leaving computers and electronics behind can be dangerous. So keep your phone cool and away from other devices.