Let’s talk about the name servers

Server Of course, most people are interested in talking to the server. For example, when you can’t access a website, someone asks you, “It’s downloading the server.” When I do not understand, the download server is blocked. Let’s get it right. Let me explain in the simplest way possible for everyone who uses the Internet to access a site. Even on the server, there are differences. Let’s get started.

Providing information by connecting to computer networks; The server is called the server. Let me tell you the simplest. Now, if you go to a big office, he will have a place to keep documents. They even have a separate warehouse. In hospitals, it is more important. In a large room. Which day, which patient? Which day, which pharmacy? Who came down? Who dies? Who goes up? How much does the hospital cost? All information, such as staffing, will be stored in a warehouse. The archive is neatly organized so that the exact list of files can be retrieved when needed. Yes. All this information will be stored on the same computer and used as needed. If you can send another computer to the office over a network, that computer is already running as a server. So it can be roughly considered as a database server.

Even in a normal warehouse, you are hired as a store keeper. Therefore, in order to join the server, the server operating system must be installed on the server computer. Some do not want to keep the warehouse staff. The information is limited. Yes. Computers are also self-supporting. Share Some people do not use the server operating system because there is not much information to save, and there are many options to use. Use Linux Server OS? Windows? Mac? And so on. Do not dwell on server OS. It is the operating system that provides the best service for a computer that acts like a warehouse. The court OS will do what it can not do.

Web Server Website Save data; It works to respond to commands. For example, I would set up a website. Being raised is not like raising a bottle of milk, is it? A site will be programmed and posted on the Internet. Where this information will be stored will be available for this broadcast. For example, readers now post pictures on Facebook. Where did those pictures go? Do you think Facebook’s brothers and sisters are the only ones looking at the most beautiful pictures? It’s like storing data and a huge hard disk. Google owns the world’s largest data center. The Web Server stores the information of the Website; Accept Command It works by informing and so on. We will talk about Web Server later. Application Server – Server that runs software applications, Catalog Server – Servers that serve as a central search point for information across multiple networks, Server, Communication Server – Telephone Server, Database server – Fax service server, File server – Deal with files; Transmission Server, Game server – Video game program and user support server, Home Server – Home server, Name Server – Website server, DNS server, Print Server (server for printer service), There are many types of proxy servers, such as a proxy server for connecting different servers, a sound server (a server that works for multimedia broadcasting, streaming, etc.), a stand-alone server, a computer server, and so on. Let me explain in detail.

You have been told that the server must have Server OS as a program. (It does not matter if it is not included). As a hardware device, you need memory. Big companies like Google even use a dedicated Data Center Server OS to run Data Center heavy. I always have to keep it cool. Then the server will not download. If you download every minute, Google will lose billions of dollars. There are companies that rely on him in every country. Yes, so the server will have the hardware, Server management software is required.

Ordinary computer. Let’s say a mail server. I wrote a Gmail message, sent it to the mail server and checked it. Make sure you know which one to send and the shipping address. Location Country Internet connection It all happened in a minute, didn’t it? The faster the internet connection, the better. Who is the game server? Who is doing what? What information did he send? It’s a lot of work to figure out what information to send back there. Its data flow is also quite fast. Facebook is a web server. When we log in, who enters with which IP? Which folder to send? What do I have to send back? And so on. As a website, the number of people who download and download depends on the memory of the server. IP access is restricted. The server stops working when the memory is reached due to a certain number of user visits. You can also download any content that you post on your website that goes beyond the limit. How much memory space is purchased on the server to store any data? In the case of a Domain Name Server, any website address or IP is registered. DNS works because I can no longer give this IP address to anyone else.