Hardware Causes of Laptop Damage

(1) Power and battery

Fire speed; Use up battery power; Use the plug for several days. Static currents can cause power and battery failures.

(2) Motherboard / CPU / RAM

Fire ups and downs. Negligence in carrying; Put it in a bag when it is hot. Use high-performance software and games while hot. Prolonged use on soft surfaces such as airbags; Do not leave it in the air for a long time without using it. Due to the weather, water vapor in the atmosphere is released. Water purification; It can be damaged by accident.

(3) Graphic Unit

High Temperature / Playing High FPS Games / Built-in Graphics Unit and Dedicated / Extended Graphic Unit can not be distinguished.

(4) HDD / SSD / DVD Drive

Accidental fall / vibration / evaporation; Increased detachment / reading for longer than normal performance;
For example (3D Rendering / Video Editing) data can be corrupted and corrupted.

(5) LCD / LED Panel Screen

Increased heat dissipation; Steaming; Do not use stand by for long periods of time. Do not leave it in the air for a long time without using it. Accidental injury; Finger pressure Continuous lighting; This can damage the LCD panel of a laptop.