Where you can not leave your cell phone unattended

If you are a regular mobile phone user, do you know that you get in touch with your phone more than 2,600 times a day? As a full-time phone user, your contact time can be even greater. Mobile phones are now an essential item for everyone. Even if you go to the toilet, it is safe to say that a cell phone is enough. If you use your mobile phone properly, it will not be harmful to your health. Improper usage (for example, playing games all the time, watching Facebook all the time, talking on the phone for a long time) can be harmful to your health. In addition, the location of your phone can be detrimental to your health. Here are some things you should not do with your cell phone:

(1) Back pocket of pants

This is a favorite place for men to have a cell phone. The phone is tucked away in the back pocket of your pants, so you may accidentally touch the phone button and make a phone call. The phone may fall off and disappear. In addition, the phone in the back pocket can cause leg pain….

(2) Put it in the front pocket of your pants

It is also not advisable to carry the phone in the front pocket of your pants. Putting the phone in there, the magnetic field emitted from the phone can reduce the number and quality of sperm.

(3) Put it between the underwear

When riding a motorcycle, women often slip between their underwear for fear of losing their phone. This may increase the risk of breast cancer due to radiation from the phone.

(4) Keep it in a small, slender side pocket up to the thigh

These carriers can weaken the bones around the hips and thighs. Instead of packing just what you need, you should try to pack extra just in case.

(5) Keep in close contact with skin

When talking on a mobile phone, it is also wrong to use Bluetooth without using Bluetooth or turning on the speaker. This way, the bacteria on the surface of the phone can easily get on your skin and cause skin problems. When you want to talk on the phone, talk a little away from your face.

(6) Charge the phone overnight

Most of us use our phones all day, so we charge our phones all night long to keep them fully charged the next day. Charging your phone like this can shorten your phone’s battery life and damage your phone.

(7) Store in a very cool place

All the components in your mobile phone are designed to withstand just a few distances of temperature. The phone can easily be damaged if the temperature is too high. For example, if you leave your phone in a place with zero outside temperatures and carry it into a house with a heater on, it may be damaged.

(8) Store in a very hot place

Keeping the phone in a very hot place can easily damage the battery inside the phone. Do not store your mobile phone in a place with high temperatures, such as an oven, or in direct sunlight.

(9) Put your baby in a stroller

Mothers of infants often carry their mobile phones in the pockets of their strollers. Using a cell phone while you are pregnant can cause fetal exposure to a cell phone or infant exposure to a cell phone, which can lead to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

(10) Put it under your pillow

This can lead to a variety of health problems. First of all, radiation from the phone interferes with the production of sleep hormones, which can lead to insomnia and anxiety. Insomnia can occur. In addition, radiation from the phone can cause dizziness and headaches. When the phone is charged, it is tucked under the pillow, causing the phone to explode. Fires can also occur. Therefore, it is best to carry your cell phone with you when you go out and carry it in a large bag, or carry it in your hand and place it on the table next to the bed when you sleep.