About DC Capacitor

A DC capacitor has a definite positive and negative terminal. If you put the wrong pole on the main road, it will be damaged prematurely. Therefore, it is very important to install it correctly. The easier it is to find the female, the easier it will be to see a white line on the capacitor body, with the leg closest to that strand being negative and the farthest leg being the positive leg. In addition, its farad and resistive voltage are written directly on the body, making it easy to read. Also called an electrolytic capacitor.

There are only two things to keep in mind about capacitors.

1. You need to know the farad value.

2. Know the working voltage.

Please note that you must always install twice the voltage applied to the circuit path. This means that if 12 volts are to be supplied in the circuit, the working voltage of the capacitor must be 24 volts. However, there is no 24V capacitor. Therefore, the nearest 25 V capacitor can be installed and used. Capacitors are also called condensers. The condenser is an old term. Capacitor is a term used today.