Static power outages on a computer that not everyone is aware of

As a kid, I used to rub my head on a piece of paper, bend it, and touch a piece of paper. This is caused by the force of the head rubbing against the female electron in the pen and the female proton in the paper.To put it simply, if you knew in theory that every object was made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons, you would understand that static electricity can also form inside the object.

This type of electrostatic discharge can also occur in the body through the surrounding electrical equipment. Sometimes, even if you do not turn on the light, if you touch an electric device, it will feel like a needle in a haystack. To prevent this from happening, a piece of ground (Earth) is applied to the conductor to dissipate the current.

As a result, flexible electronic devices, including computers, have three plugs, three of which are Line / Neutral / and Earth (Ground). Ground wire should be buried in the ground or source where your home is grounded. However, most home electrical systems in Myanmar have only two black and white two-wire systems and not three-wire three-wire system with ground, so static electrostatic discharge is everywhere. Touching and electrocution of plugged-in electronic devices.

Such electrostatic discharges do not have the effect of affecting ordinary electronic devices, but are designed to calculate voltage / current at least a decimal point and cause significant damage to chips composed of tens of millions of transistors, especially computer motherboard chipsets, memory chips and CPUs. It is also dangerous to handle the flammable surfaces of USB drives.Memory is good to try at the store. I did not join my translator army. CPU disassembly is one of the most unheard of sounds in the world of computer users in Myanmar for many years.