Misuse of a laptop

(1) A laptop emits more heat than a desktop because it has a narrower airflow. Therefore, when using a laptop, use silicone keyboard covers to block heat dissipation. Using airtight soft surfaces such as mattresses / blankets / pillows, etc., can cause the laptop to overheat and frequently damage chipsets such as CPUs, RAMs, and GPUs.

(2) Using a laptop to drain the battery can also damage the battery. There are some people who always use their laptop with a battery because of the misconception that plugging in a laptop and using it all the time can damage the battery. Using battery-powered software and playing games is a mistake. All laptops in the world are designed to maximize their hardware when used with AC home lighting, and feature a system that reduces battery life when used with a battery. Unnecessary graphics chips and network circuits are automatically disconnected to save power. It reduces the voltage supplied to IO systems such as USB. Battery-powered laptops should only be used for office and social community apps, and should be plugged in when you want to get the most out of your battery life.

(3) A laptop is afraid of dust. However, it is more afraid of heat than dust. It is more afraid of moisture than heat. It is best to use a laptop cooling fan if you are always sitting still.

4. The most important part of carrying a laptop is the laptop bag. Most laptops are packed in a bag after use, so the bag should be heat-absorbing. If you suddenly put a used laptop in a bag and the heat does not absorb the heat, the heat inside the laptop will cause water to evaporate and cause unwanted damage. This is especially true for RAM and LCD screen damage. That is why the quality of a laptop bag is so important.