Strange water tank from Nabar station

Today, it is the only water tank in Myanmar. It was the Nabar Reservoir, which benefited the Myanmar Railways for 125 years from 1895 to the present day, 2020. The distinctive feature of the dam was the British-era Nabar Creek water treatment system.

Locomotives; Trains; All the stations and staff quarters have been supplied with water for over a hundred years. To this day, an old water pump for old steam locomotives that supply water to many of the colonial-era coal locomotives can still be found near the Nabar railway tower. The British built the water tower with the advantage of the natural environment, where the groundwater was strong and the springs were constantly flowing because of these forest trees.

Streams from the Wetlands in the Fascist Range are constantly flowing into the Nabar Creek. Due to these forest trees, the catchment area is good, the groundwater is strong and the springs are constantly flowing. The British built the railway tower.

The key is to conserve watersheds. Due to the presence of forests, good soil fertility for crops; The villagers of Nabar are still enjoying the benefits of improved flooding, and deforestation in the watershed is a major alarm for today.