If one of the series batteries is bad

If the batteries are connected in series, the amount of current flowing through them is the same as in series theory. Yes, because the battery is low and it takes a while to charge. Very good batteries can only accept 100 Ah, but older batteries can only accept 50 Ah. In that case, when the ball is full of bad, it can no longer run on electricity according to the concept of electricity.

So the battery is not fully charged. If you continue to use it, you will eventually end up with an incomplete charge. The battery capacity is calculated by the voltage, so only the full charge is displayed, so when the actual load is used, the specified Ah can not be used. If you have bad battery life, you may have problems with some of the most common systems in the series, so you may not be able to connect the old or new batteries with different brands or different Ah series.