If it crashes while using your computer

If you restart your computer while using it, you may experience Hangs Crashes. Here are ten tips and tricks to help prevent this from happening.

1. Press the ctrl + alt + delete key on your computer (ctrl + shift + Esc on some machines) to launch the Task Manager. Once done, end the process of unneeding software in the processes.

2. Another is to increase virtual memory. When we run a lot of programs, the virtual memory is not enough, so the machine hangs.

3. The next step is to delete the history of our browsers. The solution with CCleaner software is very good. For friends who do not want to use the software, you will find Tools in Internet explorer. In General, under Internet Options, click Clear History and click OK. This is a browser history.

4. Next, delete the temporary internet files. It is better to use CCleaner software than to delete the PS option.

5. The next step is to delete our cookies. Internet browsers can delete cookies from the options.

6. Next, delete your favorite programs; Install the unwanted programs from add / remove programs in your computer’s control panel, as you know best what you like on your machine.

7. Next, rearrange the files. Also called Defragmenter. Defragmenter When you install Defragmenter, you need to have 15% free space on the disk you want. Without it, the defragmenter cannot be installed. Here’s how: In all programs/accessories/system tool/disk defragmenter, rearrange your partitioned files.

8. Next, check the error on your computer. Check for errors on your machine. To do this, right-click on the disk you want to find the error on. In the tools in properties, click check Now in the error-checking box, and then check what you want to do.

9. Next we regularly delete (% temp%; prefetch; recent) in Run. You will also see files that cannot be deleted. If you want to delete it, solve it with unlocker software. Free Google Search Another option is to type in the search button on your computer and delete the files in it. Where is the most viral resting place?

10. The next step is to customize your computer to your liking and disable what you see in our Windows startup MSConfig. Don’t get me wrong. Another is that the power outlet does not shut down during shutdown.