About NAS and how to use it

Network Attached Storage Before we talk about NAS, First of all, we need to talk about the file server associated with it. school, Office You need a file server to store the relevant files (document, photo, video, sound, data, etc.) on your network. File Servers are usually built with RAID level configurable servers. speed up file access; SCSI interface, SCSI drives are used; One of the main reasons for doing so is This File Server This is because many people can use it at the same time.

As network speeds become faster, Use File Server on Networks Easy NAS devices is being replaced. NAS devices can be equipped with IDE or SCSI drives, depending on their capabilities. Modern NAS devices will include a LAN connection up to Gigabit Ethernet. Only then will devices within the network be able to access files quickly and efficiently. NAS devices may also have RAID-enabled devices. Using RAID In case of hard drive failure. Files on that hard drive can not be easily lost.

NAS is not just a file server; It can also be used as cloud storage. You can also see NAS devices using cloud storage today using memory cards, USB 3.0, and Gigabit Ethernet. NAS devices should not be used for backup purposes; This is because there is a lot of data and files during the backup. It will flow through your network. This will greatly affect network performance. If you must do it, You should create a dedicated network for backup; An interface to use with the server you are backing up on the NAS, e.g.: It can also be used for backup if it has a USB interface.