Important things to keep in mind when using your phone

Phones have become like a constant companion with people. Even people have to differentiate between good and bad people. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a phone that is always around for 24 hours and be careful not to do bad things for yourself.

A telephone is basically a device that transmits electromagnetic fields. It is a receiving device, which means that the radio waves are emitted from the phone. Prolonged exposure to radio waves can damage the brain, say researchers. And when you put the phone to sleep, your phone will wake up when Noti or a text message pops up, disrupting your sleep cycle. So if possible, sleep with your phone off. Sleep in Airplane Mode. Or leave your phone in another room.

The weaker the phone line, the better. You have to absorb more radio waves from your phone. At that time, the phone uses a lot of energy, which is bad for your health. Therefore, if you have to make a call when the phone line is weak, you can use a landline phone. It is recommended to keep the mobile phone as far away from people as possible. In addition, using the phone when the phone line is down can cause the phone to overheat. This is also a danger.

There are a number of studies that have linked the use of cell phones to cancer. The phone gets hot when the output line is around 900 MHz. At that time, if the phone comes in contact with the skin, the skin will absorb the phone’s heat. Such suctioning is not good for the skin. So when talking on the phone, use a headset or turn on the speaker so that the phone does not touch your face. When the phone line is weak. When the phone is hot, keep it away from the skin.

Tenosynovitis can be caused by using the phone in the wrong position. It can cause pain in the neck. When I bend the zipper to look down at the screen of the phone, it gradually hurts the spine. Over time, you will feel that the sack weighs five times as much. This can lead to tendonitis. Improper posture can occur. So keep your eyes on the line when using your phone. Avoid bending your neck and using your head as much as possible.

The light emitted from the phone screen destroys the melatonin hormone, which regulates the sleep cycle. Blue light can cause headaches and vision problems. So if you must use your phone in the dark, keep your brightness to a minimum. Or use a filter that does not emit blue light. Even now, you may be making the same mistakes as above. Do not give up just because nothing has happened. The effects are not immediate, they are gradual. You need to think ahead so that you do not regret it later.