Archerfish that hunt for water

The animals that grow up around the world have their own style and their way of hunting. Carnivores, such as lions, Tigers, on the other hand, have their claws and claws. They use sharp teeth to hunt, and land-dwelling frogs use their long tongues to feed on insects. The Archerfish is a very positive and clever way of catching prey. It uses water like a bullet to hunt.

The real name of the Archerfish is Toxotes jaculatrix. These fish are common in southern and southeastern Asia, as well as in monsoon-growing areas. Archerfish look like commando guerrillas when you look at them. Commandos are painted on a silver plate with black stripes, and their prey is often attacked by guerrillas when it catches its prey.

As you can see in the video, their weapon is water. It sucks water from its mouth and catches small animals on the surface of the water. The water is very strong. Once the prey was weighed out of the water and blown out, the prey fell into the water due to the speed of the water. Once in the water, the Archerfish simply step out of the cool water. In addition, archerfish can catch prey on the surface by shooting at a distance of 2 meters from the water. The main prey of archerfish is the spider mite. Compass In addition to brown insects, there are other insects.